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What would you tell someone who was thinking about taking this workshop?

This workshop is transformational.  The workshop provides the tools to begin the rest of your life, reclaiming a sense of adventure, travel and more.  If you are homebound your world is opened to new ways of achieving what you would love to do.

This workshop is perfect for transitions in life: a death that still needs to be processed, a move to a new area, a change in jobs, retirement, a boost to one’s inner needs – psychological, spiritual, family-of-origin processing, or just to confirm your present life situation and jump start creatively growing from now, the present! 

It’s very worthwhile, especially when wanting to get unstuck or needing encouragement to try new things, to feel a sense of community around these issues, and to be creative and to believe in yourself! 

Take it!  Especially at a mid-to late-life time.  It really stirred some great questions and surprising answers that I didn’t know were there.  Taking this class with others inspired ideas that did not come directly to mind.  During COVID, this was especially helpful because there are so many things changing so might as well change in a healthy, deeply engaged direction.

It was excellent, fertile, inspiring.  It reinforces that my life is mine to live.  And that I want to act to realize, to reignite what’s important to me, and shed what is not necessary, excessive, ego driven. 

This workshop assists a person in understanding themselves and their creativity in a supportive and affirming environment.  Even if you are not sure you have an artistic way, you will discover one.

Take it, take it, take it!!!  You will be forever changed!!!!  Because you have come listened and heard💖

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